Excerpt from one of my books

Lola walked into the crowded and noisy place. Well if she could remember right, she had been told this place was just opened and now it was as filled as one of the local clubs in town. She deliberated going back home but later decided this was a little better than the loneliness she was going to face at home. She managed to find a path amidst the crowd to the bar.

“Good evening miss, what would like to have? ” she heard the bartender say.

“Um….a glass of water” she said and shrugged when the bartender gave her a confused look.

“Just water” she repeated again.

He had spotted her immediately she came in. She had entered looking like a lost soul in the wrong place and that had taken away his attention from his friends. She had stood at the entrance for about five minutes, before he saw her heading to the bar. She was having a slender figure with long straight legs, looking like a goddess in red. A few heads turned her way, as she made her way to the bar. Everything about her was beaconing to him and he knew he couldn’t hesitate any longer….excerpt from my untilted book. 

So i finally dropped the excerpt i’ve been talking about all this while and i’ll like you all to comment on what you think about it. Please i wouldn’t entertain any abuse or insult from anyone but like i said in my previous post, constructive criticism would be welcomed as well as any needed correction. I would also like to know your ideas on what this book should be tilted, based on the little you’ve read about it.

A little concern from an upcoming writer

As an upcoming writer, i’m a little scared of publishing my works so far because i feel it might not be up to what is expected of the real world or might not even be publishable but i’ll like to be advised on what can be done.

It’s a lot for me as a student when i have to go through editors and all the processes because i don’t have a paying job yet and i know it deals with funds. I’ll like to hear back from you to know what i can do in this situation.

I’ll be posting a little from one of my books soon. To those of you who are literary experts i’ll appreciate constructive criticism from you and to those who are not i’ll also appreciate your opinion from my excerpt.


About my books

As a lover of non – fiction romance, most of my works are on that. Being an African girl, i try to portray romance in the African way. It might not look real or believable to some people and to some other people it might not be the way they expect it or know it to be but this is my own view to the way i know African romance to be. I do hope you’ll all enjoy it but like i said in my previous posts, this blog is not all about my works but also overviews on many other things in general as well as learning new things for me and you.

You all might be expecting me to post my works but that may not be immediately, so still expect more from me and you might just happen to see my work anytime soon.

Beginning as a blogger

A lot of you would be expecting good write-ups and stories from me but i want you to know that as much as i’ll try to do that, i’m still learning and would welcome constructive criticism from anyone who wants to do that. This is a platform for me to also learn from you and not just to give out. This might seem weird to some of you but you can never tell what i could learn from anyone, so anticipate because there’s a lot in store for you.